Sunday, January 16, 2011

i wanna...-_-


Wanna talk something.. wanna hit the keyboard.. wanna bite the food… wanna play the song… wanna hear the instrumental.. Wanna feel the feeling.. wanna read all the book.. wanna lock all the door.. wanna knock the heart.. wanna get out of the tears.. wanna see all beloved.. wanna smile everytime.. wanna get the things.. wanna play the piano.. wanna read all of the Quran.. wanna go all around the world.. wanna step on the moon… wanna drink all juice.. wanna  hug and kiss my family.. wanna pray for all people.. wanna eat the cheese cake.. wanna ride a horse.. wanna go all over my class.. wanna play some game…wanna get back my mood… wanna bite this lappy!!


“Okey shutdown your notebook please!”  -_-

**sorry. I keep my cell phone silent now** lalalala


Firdaus Kasim said...

wanna tue apew? hehe

nurul iffah abdul rashid said...

hihi wanna to 'want to'..tapi ni informal language