Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today your life begins.

Are you still thinking about your mistakes and all bad memory from the past? Come on guys. Do throw it away. Buat muhasabah diri. Dan jangan ulangi kesilapan lagi.Allah still gives us chances. So, let’s step ahead.  By the way, hey! Have you listen to Bruno Mars’s song entitled Today My Life Begins? Such a great lyric, huh?

Let’s read this lyric calmly and try to follow his way. Be positive person. :)

I’ve been working hard so long
Seem like pain has been my only friend
My fragile heart’s been done so wrong
I wondered if i’d ever heal again
Just like all the seasons
Never stay the same all around me i can feel a change
I’ll break these chains that bind me
Happiness will find me
Leave the past behind me
Today my life begins
A whole new world is waiting
It’s mine for the taking
I know i can make it
Today my life begins
Yesterday has come and gone
And i’ve learn how to leave it
Where it is
And i see that i was wrong
For ever doubting i could win
Life is too short to have regrets
So i’m learning now to leave it
In the past
And try to forget
We only have one life to live
So you better make the best of it.

Got the message? Good.

Bukankah kita patut bersyukur kerana Allah masih kurniakan nafas untuk kita perbetulkan kesilapan lalu? Say Alhamdulillah everyone.